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Feed The Need

With many out of work, WAY Radio wants to connect with those in need with the local ministries who provide food and meals.  Do you know of a place that’s feeding our community that is not listed here?  Please fill out the form below so that we can post it for others in need.  Want to get involved?  The following organizations are feeding those who need help … and they could use YOUR help.  Get in touch with one of these ministries and help to FEED THE NEED!

Manna House – 1408 G Street Brunswick – Amy Crandell – 912-223-0993 – – Hours 9am-1pm  

Faith Works (Sparrows Nest) – 1101 Gloucester St. Brunswick – Wright Culpepper – 912-261-8512- – Hours 9am-4pm 

Pine Ridge Baptist – 15 Nimitz Dr. Brunswick- Annette- 912-265-2228 – 

Saved By Grace – 186 Cornerstone Dr. Brunswick – 912-289-2491-

America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia – 134 Indigo Drive Brunswick – 912-261-7979 –