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Pay It Forward

SPREAD LOVE….because GIVING IS CONTAGIOUS.  It’s WAY Radio’s “Pay it Forward” Campaign!

Surprise someone the next time you’re making a purchase. Consider paying for part or all of the order of the person behind you! It’s a great way to really impact someone’s day. Who knows what someone might be going through when they get a nice surprise from you? What a great way to live out your faith, and love a stranger in way that might impact their day… and maybe yours too.


  1. Download/print out a WAY to Pay It Forward Note   
  2. Take a few copies with you as you go about your week
  3. Hand it to the cashier, pay & ask the cashier to give it to the recipient
  4. Share your story with us, below … and through social media using #waytopayitforward and tag us (wayradiobwk on FB or IG)… in an email to or call us at 912-342-1083

When you pay it forward, you’ll leave them surprised, and with a little note to let them know you cared.  It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce them (and the cashier) to 90.7 WAY Radioto encourage them, and maybe, just maybe, introduce them to Jesus.