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30 Day Challenge: Jesus > World

What if you planned now to commit to only listening to Christian music for 30 days?  If you already do this, then congratulations, you already know the benefits!  If this sounds crazy, stick with us for just a minute …

One small listening habit can make a HUGE impact in 2024 … because JESUS > world!

WAY Radio has MUSIC that:

  • helps you focus on God
  • encourages you
  • reminds you of your worth
  • reminds you of your blessings
  • doesn’t contradict God’s Word
  • can change hearts & relationships
  • is fun and entertaining too

What would you be like after 30 days of THAT?  Even if you only listen to music about 30 minutes a day, imagine what your life could be like after 900 minutes of purposely pouring GOOD things into your day!  Wouldn’t you want to know?  We want you to experience a fresh, spiritual renewal in 2024 … and we can’t think of a better way than to ask you to saturate your mind with music that will fill you up!

If you sign up to take our 30-day challenge, we’re not going to surprise you at home or check in to see if you’re “obeying”.  This signup is just a way for you to be able to say, “I want to monitor what is coming in my ears, head, and heart.  I want to hear more of Jesus and less of the world.”  Don’t worry, we’re not expecting perfection (neither does God, btw).  We just want to encourage you to think about what you listen to.

To say WOO HOO to YOU, when you sign up (below) during January, you’ll be automatically registered in our WEEKLY FRIDAY contest.  If we draw your name on a Friday in January, you’ll get this sweet WAY Radio hat.  So, the next time you run into someone wearing a WAY Radio hat, you can say “I’m doing the 30-day challenge too!”  Let’s do this, Golden Isles … because JESUS > world!