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Crossover Cups Mission Days

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WAY Radio has partnered with Crossover CUPS Mission since 2021. We recently held a one-day fundraiser, thank you for your involvement.

The partnership between WAY Radio listeners and CUPS has allowed for the construction of a community center with a basketball court and a kitchen that is teaching life skills to the children.

In 2023, the focus is to raise money to provide a sustainable farm, feeding and discipleship program and missionary support for a year.

Due to the nature of where the community of Alta De La Jagua is, it’s important to provide a sustainable garden/farm for the people of the village.  Your gift will help to provide chickens and eggs.  This will sustain the people in the village and will also provide a source of income for them per a microbusiness.

Your gift will also help provide for the feeding program and the discipleship programs.  It’s important that we help provide for both the physical and spiritual needs of people.  It’s hard to hear about a God that loves you when you haven’t eaten in a few days.  Your gift helps to fund this for a year.

To run discipleship and feeding programs, we need missionaries willing to go and invest in the village.  Your gift will also help to fund those missionaries and care for their families as they serve the village of Alta De La Jagua.

If you want to give today, you can, at:

$83- provides 1 person access to the microbusiness, the discipleship and feeding program. We hope that you’ll pray about providing access for at least one person in the village of Alto de la Agua. You could support a whole family of four for just $332!