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February Online Giveaway

WAY Radio is partnering with our friends at Cooks Auto Repair in Brunswick for February’s Giveaway!

We know your time is money and sometimes hard to find. Well, this month’s giveaway is a $500 gift certificate for any of your automotive needs.  

Most truck or car maintenance services can be completed while you wait. Many repairs such as AC repair, brakes, and transmission repairs will be performed that day. Straight forward or complicated, our mechanics will get your auto repairs done quickly and get you back on the road right away.

Register once a week! Winner will be drawn at random on February 28. Gift certificate is good for one visit, no cash back will be given on services less than $500.

January 2023 Update


WAY Radio Family   Wow, what a year God has blessed us with! Can you believe that it’s already 2023? I know we are having a hard time believing it!  

2022 was an amazing year for the Crossover Cups Mission.

We had a total of 991 kids in Bible school! What a number! In addition to the number of kids in Bible school getting the opportunity to hear about Christ, over 1,000 people heard the Gospel!

We also had a humbling number of 71 Dominican teenagers that decided to follow the call God put on their lives and help lead the summer Bible school program across 6 villages!   

Mission trips during the summer are some of our most fun and engaging times as a team! Together, we learn more about the Gospel, how to dive into a deeper relationship with Christ, and how to be a team player all while showing the love of Christ to our friends in the neighboring communities in the Dominican!    T

his past year, 211 people decided to say ‘YES’ and come on a mission trip! This year, we are hoping to have even more people decide to come with us and make the decision to have Christ impact their lives in this awesome way.   

Our Contact Information The Crossover Cups Mission 2607 Woodruff Rd Suite E #418
Simpsonville, SC 29681

Crossover Cups Mission Days

Donate now

WAY Radio will be partnering with Crossover CUPS once again on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 for a one-day fundraiser.

The great work that was begun in 2021, and has continued since then has allowed for the construction of a community center with a basketball court and a kitchen that is teaching life skills to the children.

We want to keep pressing on, so in 2023, we’re raising money to provide a sustainable farm, feeding and discipleship program and missionary support for a year.

Due to the nature of where the community of Alta De La Jagua is, it’s important to provide a sustainable garden/farm for the people of the village.  Your gift will help to provide chickens and eggs.  This will sustain the people in the village and will also provide a source of income for them per a microbusiness.

Your gift will also help provide for the feeding program and the discipleship programs.  It’s important that we help provide for both the physical and spiritual needs of people.  It’s hard to hear about a God that loves you when you haven’t eaten in a few days.  Your gift helps to fund this for a year.

To run discipleship and feeding programs, we need missionaries willing to go and invest in the village.  Your gift will also help to fund those missionaries and care for their families as they serve the village of Alta De La Jagua.

If you want to give today, you can, at:

$83- provides 1 person access to the microbusiness, the discipleship and feeding program. We hope that you’ll pray about providing access for at least one person in the village of Alto de la Agua. You could support a whole family of four for just $332! Give now, or listen on Tuesday, February 7, 2023!

December Update

Here’s a video of the kids in Alto de la Jagua thanking Way Radio listeners for their support! 

Student Leaders are stepping up to help at the WAY Radio community Center

Children were given supplies to help them create something to call their own.

Thanks you for caring!

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