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September Update

Great things are happening in the Dominican Republic.

Bible camps have wrapped up for the summer.  Praise God, we had more kids come to bible camp and more kids come to know the Lord.  The discipleship program now begins.  Please pray that kids will come and learn what it’s like to live a life with Jesus.

Our teams that serve in the Dominican Republic love the opportunity to interact with the kids in the Mountain Village.  God moves in a powerful way through those times.  Your gifts of support are making the difference in the lives of people in the Mountain Village..  Thank you for your support.  Would you like to know the story behind how Crossover Cups was founded in the DR? You can also check out the Cups Documentary:

August Update

August 2022
Update from Our Founder
Mike Williams         The Moment I Knew it was a Success!   This summer was another in a series of exciting success moments. This year I was able to see with my own eyes the second generation of students who have risen from poverty to become Christian leaders. Four years ago, we had 12 disciple leaders who prepared to help us lead the summer Bible Camps of 400 children. This year we had 75 student disciple leaders, and the level of quality is above and beyond with each passing year. Your partnership has made a difference.   You can see for yourself on August 27 at 7pm when we livestream our new documentary. Subscribe to Youtube or Join our Facebook to get a reminder notification.

It was barely eight years ago when we had that first Bible Camp with 55 kids total, and this year we pre-registered over 1000 children for programs in four different village locations and our mountain church project. God is doing great work through you. I mean it when I say that. Our partners have been the wind beneath every wing. Yes, I know it is God, but even Jesus said that the Father honored every cup of cold water given in Jesus’ name or the name of His disciples (followers). So, quiet down and take your humble bow!!

I don’t know the success rate of the other missions, churches, and Christian endeavors you are supporting. But, I can tell you this one is busting at the seams with success. When many churches are closing their doors and speaking to empty rooms, your mission has completed the building of a new church and started another new church! We seek to break ground on a new church building that will seat 350 people.

Let me remind you that amid so many things happening on our world scene, don’t be distracted from what is successful. Of course, we want to help those sinking ships, but never at the cost of what IS working.

I encourage you to keep up your support and double down if possible. History has proven that your investments are working at this mission. On behalf of Daniel, Judith, and our entire team, I thank you for making this possible.
Mike Williams

PS: Let me get deep. I have worked in Evangelistic and Christian ministry for over 40 years. I have seen entire villages make public professions of faith (as seen in extensive group prayers for salvation). I know I can lead an outdoor revival tonight and encourage most of the crowd to pray my carefully worded Christian prayer. Tomorrow night a group that I would consider a cult could lead a crusade and have the same people who prayed with me pray their carefully worded prayer. Poor people will pray any prayer you suggest in hopes of waking up the following day healthy, wealthy, and in a different societal class. While I believe it all starts with a “Yes” to Jesus… please read on.

Jesus told us to go and make disciples. Making disciples is time-consuming. You can’t fly in, preach and leave, and have a mission accomplished. It requires living among the people, which is why all of your Cups missionaries live in the villages they serve. My words do not undermine the teams that come for a short-term visit. They are an incredible “piece” in the puzzle of kindness. Nevertheless, true discipleship in the Christian life takes face-to-face time. The most excellent teacher of all time (guess who?) took three years with His disciples before they were ready to function successfully on their own.

So, yes, in a glorious genuine report, I could tell you that we had over two hundred children raise their hands and pray out loud for first-time decisions and five hundred raise their hands for re-dedication. What matters to me is that in four years, we have gone from 12 disciple leaders (those who are helping disciple others) to 75 disciple leaders who are now helping disciple others. Success in Jesus’ name!   If you want to JOIN THE STORY and keep things like this happening, click the DONATE button below to join the team. Thank you for your partnership!
Mike Williams
Founder/Lead Missionary
Crossover Cups Mission

Our Contact Information

The Crossover Cups Mission 2607 Woodruff Rd Suite E #418,

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July Update

Thank You!  Your gifts of support are making a difference in the Mountain Village.

A team recently came down and finished painting the basketball court.  They signed the court with Romans 10:14-15, But how are they to call on one in whom they have not believed?[a] And how are they to believe[b] in one of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone to proclaim him? 15 And how are they to proclaim him unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”  A 1000 kids are participating in bible camp this summer.  Pray many kids would come to know the Lord.

If you would like to help bring Jesus to this mountain village, Alto de la Jagua, click on the button below.

Summer update in the Dominican Republic

Though the summer heat isn’t quite yet here in the Dominican, what is intense is the heart of our teams for the people. Already, we have had 3 weeks of teams here and we wrap up our last 2 groups July 15

Our own Patrick Cawley, along with his daughter went on mission in the DR. Lets look in and see what is happening there.

Please continue to pray for the work going on in Alto de la Jagua, Dominican Republic.

DR Update

Bart recently visited the Dominican Republic.

Update: Wednesday we climbed to the top of the mountain to see the WAY Radio Community Center. It is almost finished and it was exciting to pray over the center and dedicate it to the Lord. Thank you so much for sponsoring children and hopefully seeing them come to Christ through the WAY Radio Community Center in the Dominican Republic.

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Jose Luis and his wife Dani, the missionaries serving at the WAY Radio Community Center through Crossover Cups Mission,
plus some pics of the children from the top of the mountain.
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April Update

April 2022      

Greetings Friends of Crossover Cups Mission!   I am so proud to be a part of this mission with you. It has always been a team effort, and you have been great team players. When other missionaries come to view the work they are overwhelmed with the quality of the programming and what your team has accomplished in these ten short years.   I remember the first days in the first village. We packed into that little 10′ X 20′ room with fifty kids and did our best to share Jesus with them. The heat was so intense we thought we were dying, but God was bringing life to a community. Over the years so many of you have come and sweated with our team in multiple villages. You know the summer heat too. Best of all you have not forgotten us when you returned home. Thank you for that.   Together we move forward into the next season with hope and joy. We still look at big projects like the new sewing business project with fear, but we hold onto faith. We know how this will help rescue and provide employment for so many girls currently in our program. Thank you for your prayers and support.   Now for many of you, this paragraph can be your jumping-off point. But if you have a spare minute, let me speak to you about legacy. Walt Disney is known for his generosity and love for children. He was also known in the industry as a film cutter. It did not make any difference how many hundreds of hours his animators put in on a scene, if it did not move the picture forward properly, he cut it. Snip-snip, no regrets! Once his animators worked for 240 days on a 4 1/2 minute Snow White scene… 240 days… and he cut it because it was not needed in the story. Ouch. Disney understood the message he wanted to share and made decisions based on the desired outcome. Often I need to cut things from my life that do not lead me to my desired end.   I want my life to be focused on missions of purpose. To do this I have to make choices about how I spend my time and my resources. As a Christian, everything I have comes from the Lord. I am simply a caretaker that is entrusted to grow in value for Him. How about you? We all are investors. We invest our time in mindless television or educational television, mindless literature or literature that builds us up and makes us better people. In the financial world, some of us go for high-risk investments, others for safer low-yield investments. Some of us require a guaranteed rate of return.    You all know that I am not big on asking for money. But as I get older I am thinking more about my goals in life. I am thinking more about my legacy. Not only my legacy before man but my legacy before God. Can I encourage you to make the mission you know and love a part of your will and estate planning? Can I encourage you to look into a charitable gift annuity that will pay you great dividends and help rescue little girls for the kingdom? If you want to talk about how to do that, give the Stateside office a call and set up an appointment with me personally. I am in the midst of doing a Charitable Gift Annuity myself right now. I will tell you what I know about the crazy good benefits beyond the interest and what it can do for a mission. If you have already made Crossover Cups a part of your estate planning, will, or trust, please let us know.   Mike G. Williams 

Crossover Cups Update

February 16th, 2022 

A Word from Jack Eason, CUPS Executive Director:   I am humbled to think of your generosity over the last year with Crossover Cups Mission. Your faithfulness has impacted many families and change countless lives of young people on the northern coast of the Dominican republic.

It’s amazing as I walk through some of the villages, I always think about what dozens of people who have sacrificially given who make ministry in life change possible for many of these children.

I don’t know about you, but as I get older, I am reminded that only what is done for God will last. I’ve started to see a lot of the material possessions that I have as simply tools to advance God‘s kingdom and reach more people with his love. No doubt, you have a similar heart or you would not be making such an investment in the work that we are doing together.

I was the last few years, people have asked if The Crossover Cups Mission is set up to handle Legacy Giving. Some people are inquiring as they think about leaving part of their estate after they leave this earth and go to heaven. How humbling to think that people are thinking about continuing to make an impact even after they have gone on to be with Jesus!

The answer to that question is YES! We are set up to handle any kind of estate giving that you or your family might like to give to enable more children to continue to be transformed and hear about the love of Jesus. Continue reading below to find out how you can get involved.

Again, thank you for the blessing that you have already been to your ministry and the transformation that you have already been part of.   Jack Eason

The Cups Coalition     The Cups Coalition is a community of givers who are making transformation of lives in the Third World part of their lasting legacy. By planning a future gift to Crossover Cups, members of the Coalition help ensure that our work will continue until every child in the Dominican has the opportunity to be empowered and avoid exploitation.    We’ve updated our website and now have a ‘Legacy Giving’ page. On this page, you are informed of the four new ways that you are able to give: A gift in your will, non-cash assets, beneficiary designations, qualified charitable distributions.     Are you wanting to join the Cups Coalition? Joining this community of givers is one of the most powerful actions you can take to help end exploitation and begin transformation. A legacy commitment is an investment in transparent, sustainable work that will directly impact vulnerable children and transform the future for generations to come. Visit the Legacy Giving page for more information. If this is something that you or your family are considering, please reach out and talk to our office today.  

Mark your calendars for our Livestream event!  
Our Contact Information The Crossover Cups Mission 2607 Woodruff Rd Suite E #418
Simpsonville, SC 29681 877-291-6501

Crossover Cups Mission Days

Donate now

WAY Radio will be partnering with Crossover CUPS once again on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 for a one-day fundraiser. The work that was begun last year with the construction of a community center will continue this year with outfitting the center with a kitchen that will teach life skills, and provide an income as the children learn to bake. We will also be raising money so that a missionary can move into our village of Alto De La Jagua to have a greater impact.

If you want to give today, you can, at:

Cups Night at Brunswick Adventures

Join WAY Radio for and evening of fun, for a good cause, at Brunswick Adventures on Friday, February 11, from 7-9 pm.

Update from the D.R.

WAY Radio will be partnering with Crossover CUPS once again on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 for a one-day fundraiser. The work that was begun last year with the construction of a community center will continue this year with outfitting the center with a kitchen that will teach life skills, and provide an income as the children learn to bake. We will also be raising money so that a missionary can move into our village of Alto De La Jagua to have a greater impact.

If you want to give today, you can. You don’t have to wait for February 8 if you go to: