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Friendraiser Spring 2021

WAY Radio is supported by listeners, and is only able to continue to bring you encouraging Christian music as long as our finances are strong enough to meet the needs.  To help accomplish the funding of WAY Radio, we hold a one-day Friendraiser in the Spring.  That date is Thursday, May 20, 2021 and will run from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.  On that date, we will ask you to consider making a generous one-time contribution, or to consider committing to monthly support of the radio station.  We will invite calls to 912-342-1083, but if partnering with us through the web is easier for you, please use this link.  Thank you for being part of our family, as a listener, and now as a financial partner.

Win a Sweatshirt

Listen between May 3 and May 7 to Bart in the Morning and Angel in the Afternoon for your chance to pick up this cool Tobymac crew neck sweatshirt.  It’s a $100 value, and we have 5 of them to give away.  Listen to win.

Recognize a Graduate on WAY Radio

Want a sticker?

If you’d like a sticker to place on your car, place of business, etc, we would love to send you one!

With a sticker, you’ll be ready to participate in our next WAY Radio Sticker Stop. Get yours today!

We want to hear from you!

Love Your Pastor

October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  Pastors work so hard for us, so we want to spotlight them on 90.7 during October.  They deserve some recognition, especially in this crazy 2020 year of canceling services, streaming, reopening, etc.  We want to know YOUR favorite pastor so that Bart and Angel can recognize them on-air during October.  And we may even give a shout-out to them on the 90.7 Facebook or Instagram pages, too! 

Pay It Forward

SPREAD LOVE….because GIVING IS CONTAGIOUS.  It’s WAY Radio’s “Pay it Forward” Campaign!

Surprise someone the next time you’re making a purchase. Consider paying for part or all of the order of the person behind you! It’s a great way to really impact someone’s day. Who knows what someone might be going through when they get a nice surprise from you? What a great way to live out your faith, and love a stranger in way that might impact their day… and maybe yours too.


  1. Download/print out a WAY to Pay It Forward Note   
  2. Take a few copies with you as you go about your week
  3. Hand it to the cashier, pay & ask the cashier to give it to the recipient
  4. Share your story with us, below … and through social media using #waytopayitforward and tag us (wayradiobwk on FB or IG)… in an email to or call us at 912-342-1083

When you pay it forward, you’ll leave them surprised, and with a little note to let them know you cared.  It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce them (and the cashier) to 90.7 WAY Radioto encourage them, and maybe, just maybe, introduce them to Jesus.