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Business Supporters Make A Difference

“Thank you” is not a strong enough phrase to fully appreciate what the business community does to help WAY Radio reach out and encourage you. Some Christian-run businesses in Glynn county have been supporting WAY Radio financially for more than a decade. They do it because they want to support the station … and you … they aren’t always supporting WAY Radio to help their business grow.

If you love the music of WAY Radio and want to partner with us in encouraging our community, you too can join our business support team.

These organizations make a monthly donation to support the programming, and in return we are allowed by the FCC to air “thank you” announcements letting our listeners know the services you provide.

If you want to see a list of which businesses are investing in the Golden Isles, and in YOUR radio station, or if you want to find out more about joining the support team, just click this link.

Skillet Giveaway

We’re giving away tickets to see Skillet at Wild Adventures in Valdosta. You can win a voucher to get 4 people into the park, and ALSO into the concert (separate tickets required) … you get the park AND the concert to see one of the premier Christian rock bands … SKILLET! The big day is Saturday, July 30, but we’ll be giving tickets away on the air between July 18 – 22. Bart will give away tickets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the morning show; Ceci will give away tickets on Tuesday and Thursday during the afternoon show. Listen to 90.7 WAY Radio for your chance to win.

Happy Father’s Day

Click the link below, which will take you to FamilyLife Ministries articles and links about fathering, and will encourage the man in your life to be all God has called him to be.

Want a sticker?

If you’d like a sticker to place on your car, place of business, etc, we would love to send you one!

With a sticker, you’ll be ready to participate in our next WAY Radio Sticker Stop. Get yours today!