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March: Big Green Egg from Harris Ace

Way Radio is partnering with our friends at Harris Ace Hardware in Brunswick for this month’s online giveaway! We know your time is money and sometimes hard to find. This month’s giveaway is a $500+ Big Green Egg … just what you need to make the perfect grilled-out meal. Register today

One winner will be drawn on March 31, 2023. You may enter one time per week. Must be 18 years old or older to enter.

Thank you Harris Ace Hardware for donating this month’s WAY Radio Online Giveaway.

Happy Easter

Want to have a memorable Easter this year? Check out these tips from our friends at Family Life.

This is one of the times of year most treasured by believers in Jesus Christ … why? We believe what the Bible says, that yes Jesus died on a cross (Good Friday), but that 3 days later he was raised from the dead by God, the Father, and conquered death. Because of his death and resurrection, God then offers you salvation and eternal life if you will believe in Him and what He has done for you. Jesus took your place so that you don’t have to suffer the eternal punishment for your sin. At Easter, nothing would make us happier at WAY Radio than if you were to place your faith in Jesus Christ. Want to talk to someone further about what Easter means? There’s always someone willing to talk at 1-888-NEED-HIM (1-888-633-3446).

March Sticker Stop

WAY Radio is all about the music. So Bart and Patrick want to give you some music of your own! On Wednesday, March 29, WAY Radio will be at the Glynn Isles shopping plaza, out in front of Skinny Pete’s Wings from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Look for the WAY Radio van and if you already have a window sticker on your vehicle, we’ll enter you in a drawing that includes music, books, artist swag, and Skinny Pete’s gift cards. If you don’t have a window sticker yet, that’s ok, pull in and let us put one on for you and you too will be entered. Everyone who comes to see us can leave with a CD from one of your favorite artists.

If you want to get a headstart and get a sticker now … click here to Request yours today!

Get Your Sticker

Spring Concerts

Business Supporters Make A Difference

“Thank you” is not a strong enough phrase to fully appreciate what the business community does to help WAY Radio reach out and encourage you. Some Christian-run businesses in Glynn county have been supporting WAY Radio financially for more than a decade. They do it because they want to support the station … and you … they aren’t always supporting WAY Radio to help their business grow.

If you love the music of WAY Radio and want to partner with us in encouraging our community, you too can join our business support team.

These organizations make a monthly donation to support the programming, and in return we are allowed by the FCC to air “thank you” announcements letting our listeners know the services you provide.

If you want to see a list of which businesses are investing in the Golden Isles, and in YOUR radio station, or if you want to find out more about joining the support team, just click this link.