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Helping the Dominican Republic

WAY Radio has joined with Crossover CUPS Mission to help a village in the Dominican Republic, specifically the mountain village of Alto de la Jagua. In February, 2021, the WAY Radio listeners in Brunswick and in Jacksonville provided the funding needed to construct a community center. The WAY Radio community center in Alto de la Jagua will provide discipleship programs, including the Boys’ Life Basketball Discipleship program. It will provide a meeting place for the 200 children in the village to learn about Jesus while being afforded the opportunity to have programs that will challenge them to avoid the traditional traps of poverty in the Dominican Republic. Too many children, without programs like ours, end up trapped in a life of abuse and exploitation. Our Boys’ Life Basketball Discipleship program empowers young men to become leaders in spreading the gospel in their communities.

YOU CAN SEE THE WORK IN PERSON! Want to see the community center as it’s being built, or plan a trip for when it’s completed? You can work with Crossover CUPS Mission and visit the mountain village that WAY Radio’s listeners and staff have adopted … Alto de la Jagua.

WHAT’S NEXT? Once the community center is running, we’ll begin planning for the trade programs that will help give children an alternative to the exploitation that so many endure. Life skills like sewing and baking help the children eventually find REAL employment, while continuing to grow in their newfound faith in Christ.

JOIN US! WAY Radio in Jacksonville and in Brunswick are excited about what the future holds for the residents of Alto de la Jagua. Together we can make a difference in the Caribbean. Join us on a visit, join us in prayer, join us in support.

Learn more about the program here.

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Recognize a Graduate on WAY Radio

Win a Sweatshirt

Listen between May 3 and May 7 to Bart in the Morning and Angel in the Afternoon for your chance to pick up this cool Tobymac crew neck sweatshirt.  It’s a $100 value, and we have 5 of them to give away.  Listen to win.


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Happy Easter

This is one of the times of year most treasured by believers in Jesus Christ … why? We believe what the Bible says, that yes Jesus died on a cross (Good Friday), but that 3 days later he was raised from the dead by God the Father and conquered death. Because of his death and resurrection, God then offers you salvation and eternal life if you will believe in Him and what He has done for you. Jesus took your place so that you don’t have to suffer the eternal punishment for your sin. At Easter, nothing would make us happier at WAY Radio than if you were to place your faith in Jesus Christ. Want to talk to someone further about what Easter means? There’s always someone willing to talk at 1-888-NEED-HIM (1-888-633-3446).

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