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Hurricane Response

We’ve all been through disasters and know how life altering it can be to live through an event … like Hurricane Ian. Damage and destruction are widespread around the southeast, and there are organizations that are equipped to step in and help those in need. If you’re willing, organizations like MAP International and Samartian’s Purse need financial support to be there in the trenches with those who need help. Click their image to be taken to their website.


Friendraiser will be held on Thursday, November 3, 2022.

God is writing His story for our lives, and WAY Radio is part of it!  Knowing that the music we air on WAY Radio, and the words you hear from our announcers and others on WAY Radio are encouraging you to grow in your faith … we are asking you to become part of our team!  Changing your story to be part of what God is doing THROUGH WAY Radio is as easy as mailing a check, or donating online.  

If you’re wanting to pray about your involvement before committing to join the team, we’re thrilled that you’re taking that step.  WAY Radio exists to share the Gospel through Christian music so that believers are encouraged and non-believers are converted.  When you give financially, you’re taking part in that ministry.  Thanks for considering your level of support, whether it’s a one time gift or a monthly commitment!  When you come to a decision on support, you can call us at 912-342-1083 … or you can give anytime at:

You might choose to wait until our Friendraiser to join the support team, and that is certainly fine as well.  On Thursday, November 3, 2022 we’ll be giving this a little extra attention “on the air” and asking folks to join you in making WAY Radio an effective tool that God uses to change lives in the Golden Isles and around the world.

During Friendraiser, you can call 912-342-1083 … or you can give online during the Friendraiser at



Business Supporters Make A Difference

“Thank you” is not a strong enough phrase to fully appreciate what the business community does to help WAY Radio reach out and encourage you. Some Christian-run businesses in Glynn county have been supporting WAY Radio financially for more than a decade. They do it because they want to support the station … and you … they aren’t always supporting WAY Radio to help their business grow.

If you love the music of WAY Radio and want to partner with us in encouraging our community, you too can join our business support team.

These organizations make a monthly donation to support the programming, and in return we are allowed by the FCC to air “thank you” announcements letting our listeners know the services you provide.

If you want to see a list of which businesses are investing in the Golden Isles, and in YOUR radio station, or if you want to find out more about joining the support team, just click this link.

August Update

August 2022
Update from Our Founder
Mike Williams         The Moment I Knew it was a Success!   This summer was another in a series of exciting success moments. This year I was able to see with my own eyes the second generation of students who have risen from poverty to become Christian leaders. Four years ago, we had 12 disciple leaders who prepared to help us lead the summer Bible Camps of 400 children. This year we had 75 student disciple leaders, and the level of quality is above and beyond with each passing year. Your partnership has made a difference.   You can see for yourself on August 27 at 7pm when we livestream our new documentary. Subscribe to Youtube or Join our Facebook to get a reminder notification.

It was barely eight years ago when we had that first Bible Camp with 55 kids total, and this year we pre-registered over 1000 children for programs in four different village locations and our mountain church project. God is doing great work through you. I mean it when I say that. Our partners have been the wind beneath every wing. Yes, I know it is God, but even Jesus said that the Father honored every cup of cold water given in Jesus’ name or the name of His disciples (followers). So, quiet down and take your humble bow!!

I don’t know the success rate of the other missions, churches, and Christian endeavors you are supporting. But, I can tell you this one is busting at the seams with success. When many churches are closing their doors and speaking to empty rooms, your mission has completed the building of a new church and started another new church! We seek to break ground on a new church building that will seat 350 people.

Let me remind you that amid so many things happening on our world scene, don’t be distracted from what is successful. Of course, we want to help those sinking ships, but never at the cost of what IS working.

I encourage you to keep up your support and double down if possible. History has proven that your investments are working at this mission. On behalf of Daniel, Judith, and our entire team, I thank you for making this possible.
Mike Williams

PS: Let me get deep. I have worked in Evangelistic and Christian ministry for over 40 years. I have seen entire villages make public professions of faith (as seen in extensive group prayers for salvation). I know I can lead an outdoor revival tonight and encourage most of the crowd to pray my carefully worded Christian prayer. Tomorrow night a group that I would consider a cult could lead a crusade and have the same people who prayed with me pray their carefully worded prayer. Poor people will pray any prayer you suggest in hopes of waking up the following day healthy, wealthy, and in a different societal class. While I believe it all starts with a “Yes” to Jesus… please read on.

Jesus told us to go and make disciples. Making disciples is time-consuming. You can’t fly in, preach and leave, and have a mission accomplished. It requires living among the people, which is why all of your Cups missionaries live in the villages they serve. My words do not undermine the teams that come for a short-term visit. They are an incredible “piece” in the puzzle of kindness. Nevertheless, true discipleship in the Christian life takes face-to-face time. The most excellent teacher of all time (guess who?) took three years with His disciples before they were ready to function successfully on their own.

So, yes, in a glorious genuine report, I could tell you that we had over two hundred children raise their hands and pray out loud for first-time decisions and five hundred raise their hands for re-dedication. What matters to me is that in four years, we have gone from 12 disciple leaders (those who are helping disciple others) to 75 disciple leaders who are now helping disciple others. Success in Jesus’ name!   If you want to JOIN THE STORY and keep things like this happening, click the DONATE button below to join the team. Thank you for your partnership!
Mike Williams
Founder/Lead Missionary
Crossover Cups Mission

Our Contact Information

The Crossover Cups Mission 2607 Woodruff Rd Suite E #418,

Simpsonville, SC 29681


Back to School

Scroll down to find the important dates for your county.

Glynn County, Georgia

First day of school: Tuesday, August 9, 2022

McIntosh County, Georgia

First day of school: Monday, August 8, 2022

Wayne County, Georgia

First day of school: Friday, August 5, 2022

Brantley County, Georgia

First day of school: Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Camden County, Georgia

First day of school: Monday, August 1, 2022

Skillet Giveaway

We’re giving away tickets to see Skillet at Wild Adventures in Valdosta. You can win a voucher to get 4 people into the park, and ALSO into the concert (separate tickets required) … you get the park AND the concert to see one of the premier Christian rock bands … SKILLET! The big day is Saturday, July 30, but we’ll be giving tickets away on the air between July 18 – 22. Bart will give away tickets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the morning show; Ceci will give away tickets on Tuesday and Thursday during the afternoon show. Listen to 90.7 WAY Radio for your chance to win.

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