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Fall Sharathon

“Heaven Changes Everything” is the theme for our Fall Sharathon, coming on Thursday, October 12, 2023 between 6:00 am – 6:00 pm.

If you’ve just started listening to WAY Radio, it may have slipped through that we are supported predominantly by our listeners.  About 10,000 people listen to WAY Radio in any given week, but it’s a very small percentage of that group that are actually following through on a God-given prompting to help keep WAY Radio relevant for their own family and for the community.

Giving to WAY Radio is simple, and it can be a one-time gift OR a monthly commitment.  We feel confident that God will prompt you if He wants you to be a financial partner with us, and we’re hoping that if He does prompt you that you’ll take that next step and get involved.

There are two easy ways to be involved.

First, listen on October 12 and call in when you’re prompted … most people give using their card, but you can send a check if you’d prefer.  The advantage of giving during Sharathon is that you will likely be the encouragement that someone else needs to also call in and give.

Second, you can give now through our website here.  All the options are there for you to give once, monthly, or any other frequency that you prefer.  You can even set up an automated donation if you choose.

Thank you for listening and for giving.  Together, we’re partnering with the work that God is doing because we know that Heaven Changes Everything!