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World Gone Cold w Inner Sanctum & Silent Running in Concert

Members of POD, Demon Hunter, Disciple, Attack Attack and TBL come together to form this SUPERBAND known as World Gone Cold.
Supported by Inner Sanctum and Silent Running, this will be a show you don’t want to miss!
WORLD GONE COLD deliver massive hard rock anthems, powerful enough to move icy mountains, thawing the avalanche of frustration and alienation, keeping many of us frozen in place. A huge wall of guitars, fluid bass rumble, monstrous drums, and soaring vocals coalesce into an explosive mixture of heavy groove and melodic hooks, shaking the earth with unbridled abandon. The band’s genesis coincided with the lockdowns and restrictions of the 2020 pandemic, which caused them to reflect on the increasing isolation and chilly feeling within the community at large. Steadfast believers in a higher purpose, WORLD GONE COLD seek to warm the blood and soothe the soul with uplifting “dark” hard rock music capable of shining a bit of light in these dark times.