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Helping the Dominican Republic

August Update

A Miracle 12 Years in the Making It was the summer of 2011, and much like any summer I was working with teams of summer missionaries who had given of their time, talent and resources to join CUPS Mission in the Dominican Republic.  That year we were putting a roof on Victor and Virginia’s home. Virginia has always been a jovial spirit and expressed her faith in God. Victor… not so much. He was a poor, hard-working fruit picker who


January 2023 Update

A YEAR IN REVIEW WAY Radio Family   Wow, what a year God has blessed us with! Can you believe that it’s already 2023? I know we are having a

Crossover Cups Mission Days

Donate now WAY Radio will be partnering with Crossover CUPS once again on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 for a one-day fundraiser. The great work that was begun in 2021, and

December Update

Here’s a video of the kids in Alto de la Jagua thanking Way Radio listeners for their support!  Student Leaders are stepping up to help at the WAY Radio community

September Update

Great things are happening in the Dominican Republic. Bible camps have wrapped up for the summer.  Praise God, we had more kids come to bible camp and more kids come

August Update

August 2022Update from Our Founder Mike Williams         The Moment I Knew it was a Success!   This summer was another in a series of exciting success